1. Dual Family Pension - G.O.MS.No. 9, Dated: 16-01-2017 of FINANCE (HRM.V) DEPARTMENT
2. Compassionate appointment to younger brother/Sister of deceased/disabled defence personnel of A.P-G.O.Ms.No.617 Dated 27-09-2002 Revenue (Land Reforms) Department
3. Compassionate appointment-Revoke the Orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.582 and Restore the Scheme of Compassionate Appointment to the Son/ Daughter/Spouse of defence personnel,who is killed in action/disabled in action-G.O.Ms.No.138,Dated 06-06-2006 Home (Genl.C)Department
4. Public Services Subordinate services Scheme of compassionate appointments to the dependents of deceased Government employees further Instructions Issued-G.O.Ms.No.612 Dated 30-10-1991,of General Administration (Services-A) Department
5. Compassionate Appointment to Younger Brother/sister of the deceased /disabled personnel who remained unmarried. Extend the orders issued in G.O.612 as subsequently amended to the dependents of defence personnel who are killed/disabled in action-G.O.Ms.No.173,Dated 22.08.2008, Home (General-C) Department
6. State and Subordinate Services Rehabilitation of Defence Services Personnel in civil employment Age Concession Granted-GO.Ms.No.155,dated 21 Feb 1967 General Administration(Ser-A)Department
7. Roaster points for 2% reservation of jobs for Ex Servicemen-Executive orders-issued-G.O.Ms.No.175
8. Carry forward of vacancies reserved for Ex-Servicemen and to conduct Special recruitment drive to fill up the vacancies in various Departments with ESM as a Special Case-Executive Orders-issued-G.O.Ms.No.191
9. Relaxation of Educational qualification in respect of ESM for re-employment against reserved vacancies in State Govt/Public Sector undertakings including Local bodies-orders-issued-G.O.NO.57
10. Self Employment Ventures for Ex-servicemen and Widows-Interest subsidy-Implementation of Pavala Vaddi Scheme for Ex-Servicemen and Widows in Andhra Pradesh-Orders-Issued-G.O.Ms.No.339 Dated 25-07-2009 of HOME (GENL.C) DEPARTMENT
11. Assignment of Agricultural land - G.O.Ms.No.743 Dated 30-04-1963 Revenue Department
12. Compassionate Appointment to son/daughter/spouse of defence personnel-G.O.Ms.No.42, Dated 11th Feb, 1993 Home (General. B) Department
13. Policy on the reservation for Ex-Servicemen in employment.
14. Financial Grants to the winners of Gallantry Awards.
15. 2% Reservation to the Ex-Servicemen in the state of Telangana.
16. Sainik Welfare-Enhancement of Financial Assistance to the Non-Pensioner II World War veterans and their Widows from Rs.3000/-to Rs.6000/- per month-Orders-Issued-G.O.Ms.No.88,of Home (Services - IV) Department
17. Allotment of 300 Sq Yds house site to Battle Casualties -G.O.Ms.No.92 Dated 30-05-2005 Home (Genl.C) Department
18. House sites of 175 Sq Yds to Ex-Servicemen and Widows of Ex-Servicemen -G.O.Ms.No.1241 Dated 27-10-2008 Revenue (Assignment) Department
19. Allotment,management and sale of HIG,MIG,LIG and EWS houses or flats constructed by AP Housing Board - G.O.Ms.No.63 Housing (Hb2) Dated 6th August 1997 Housing Department (Hb2)
20. Exemption of Property Tax-G.O.Ms.No.301 dated 27-12-2016 of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (A2) Department
21. Exemption of property tax in respect of ex-servicemen,widows and Serving personnel (Under Panchayaths)-G.O.Ms.No.371 Dated 20-11-2003 Panchyat Raj And Rural Development (PTS-III) Department
22. Exemption of property tax in respect of Ex-Servicemen,Widows and Serving personnel (Under Municipalities)-G.O.Ms.No.83 MA,Dated 15-03-1997 Municipal Administration And Urban Development(TC)Department.
23. Exemption of property tax in respect of ex-servicemen(amendment to G.O.83)-G.O.Ms.No.217 MA,Dated 01-09-1997 Municipal Administration And Urban Development(TC-1)Department.