1. The Director General Resettlement, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi has the over-all responsibility for resettlement of Ex-service personnel including officers, disabled Ex-servicemen, their families, widows of Exservicemen and their dependents. The Welfare work including care and help required by Ex-servicemen, their families and families of serving/deceased Armed Forces Personnel is undertaken by the Kendriya Sainik Board, New Delhi. The Kendriya Sainik Board is presided over by Raksha Mantri and has other Ministers in the Ministry of Defence as members. State Chief Ministers and State Ministers, Incharge of Resettlement of Ex-servicemen are members of Kendriya Sainik Board. At the State level, Rajya Sainik Board undertake various welfare measures in respect of Ex-servicemen and their dependents of the State. The Director of Sainik Welfare is one of the Heads of the Departments and declared as an independent Director. The Department of Sainik Welfare functions under administrative control of Home Department at Secretariat level.


2.  The main functions of the Sainik Welfare Department are as under:

     1.  Co-ordinating work of Zilla Sainik Welfare Offices in the State

     2.  Promoting measures of Welfare & Re-settlement of Ex-servicemen and families of Serving and deceased Armed Forces Personnel.

     3.  Administration of various funds placed at its disposal.

     4.  Dissemination of information to general public regarding Armed Forces in the Country and taking measures to arouse intelligent interest in the Armed Forces

          amongst members of general public.

     5.  To attend to welfare work pertaining to Ex-servicemen and their dependents in accordance with rules and instructions prescribed by the Central and State


3.  There is a need to spell out duties of various functionaries in the Directorate in unambiguous manner so that all employees are quite clear of what is expected of

     them and discharge their functions effectively.

5.  Sections in the Directorate.

     The Directorate is divided into “05- sections as given below :-

     (a) Establishment and Administration section.

     (b) Accounts section.

     (c) Schemes section including Employment & Self-employment schemes.

     (d) Special Fund section.

     (e) Grants section.